About Us

ANECO Group has been established in year 2007 and since then offers integrated line of products & services widely used in fields such as Bricks, Concrete Products etc. ANECO is one of the leading manufacturer of Building Materials and Construction Equipments in India with setup of production unit in Mehsana, Gujarat by implementing the latest State of Art manufacturing facilities.

Since the very beginning ANECO has always focus on expanding its market and widening its products offer as primary goal. ANECO provides the world best Technology for FLY ASH utilization by manufacturing FLY ASH Brick plant and Concrete Block & Paver making Plant by using own fully equipped integrated manufacturing processes & expert technical Team and promoting Green Technology initiatives with advance building materials. ANECO also offers Turnkey Projects for FLY ASH Bricks, Concrete Blocks/ Paving Blocks with complete Automation.

Quality Assurance

Understand our customer's needs and then to provide products and services of the highest possible standards, to meet or exceed our customer expectations of quality, safety, reliability and service.

Improve Quality Management System and upgrade product quality continuously by focussing on business related critical processes which add value to the customer.

Why Us

Fly ash, also known as flue-ash, is one of the residues generated in combustion, and comprises the fine particles that rise with the flue gases. Ash that does not rise is called bottom ash. In an industrial context, fly ash usually refers to ash produced during combustion of coal. Fly ash is generally captured by electrostatic precipitators or other particle filtration equipment before the flue gases reach the chimneys of coal-fired power plants, and together with bottom ash removed from the bottom of the furnace is in this case jointly known as coal ash. Depending upon the source and makeup of the coal being burned, the components of fly ash vary considerably, but all fly ash includes substantial amounts of silicon dioxide (SiO2) (both amorphous and crystalline) and calcium oxide (CaO), both being endemic ingredients in many coal-bearing rock strata.

the past, fly ash was generally released into the atmosphere, but pollution control equipment mandated in recent decades now require that it be captured prior to release. About 43% is recycled, often used as a pozzolan to produce hydraulic cement or hydraulic plaster or a partial replacement for Portland cement in concrete production.

Fly ash is known for environmental hazards, and its problems associated with disposal and neutralization of polluting content of fly ash. In past few decades, R &D efforts were undertaken and it has been proved that this material can be utilized in number of ways in building construction products as well as in civil works with adequate durability.

Fly Ash is used in different ways:

  • Manufacturing building construction products like Fly Ash Brick / Clay Bricks / Pavers / Block etc.
  • Fly ash Cement/Fly ash as part replacement of cement
  • Roads & Embankments.
  • Fill / Reclamation of low lying area.
  • Stowing material for mine fill.
  • Construction of lagoon dykes , divide bunds.

Our Vision

Achieve highest level of Quality and Cost-efficiency by providing machines with world-class technology to the total satisfaction of customers.

Our Mission

It is our aspiration to remain one of the technology leaders in our markets. We will achieve this by pressing ahead with new, market-oriented developments. On the way to achieving our objectives, we combine socially and ecologically conscientious conduct with economically successful action. Sustainability is extremely important to us, as we strive for satisfied customers and employees.